"Saint George" Hotel, Borovets, Bulgaria "Saint George" Hotel, Borovets, Bulgaria
     Borovets is the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria, established as a climate treatment resort in 1898.
     The resort is located in the Northern part of the Rila Mountain on a mountain step at a above-sea-level height of 1150 meters to 1350 meters at the foot of the highest peak in the Balkan penisula Ц Musala, 2,925 meters.
     Borovets is a quiet, windless resort with an average annual air humidity of around 80%. The coldest month is January and the warmest month is July. From September to April the morning hours are colder than the evening ones and from May to August vice versa. Almost all winters are long (more than 75 days with negative air Temperatures) end snowy.
     If you are in Borovets, 240 extra liters of air are going to pass through your lungs in one hour dnd every hour you are going to get from 6 to 9 more liters of oxygen. Your breathing will become economical and its frequency will decrase by 15-20%.
     The temperate continental climate, the large number of sunny days in the winter, the beauty of the high-mountain lakes-more than 100 in number, the nearness of the mineral springs-Sapareva Bania, Dolna Bania, and Belchin Bania make the resort an attractive rest and sport place during the whole year.
     Borovets is the oulgoing place for high-mountain foot tours around the beauliful sport of Rila Mountain: Musala Peak, Seven Rila Lakes, Maliovitsa Peak, Urdini Lakes, the Rila Monastery via Maliovitsa Peak, etc.
     After the construction of the first lifts in 1969-1979, the resort has been developed as a winter tourist ski-center and has started to receive guests from various countries.
     At present Borovets offers more than 46 kilometers of marked ski runs for beginners and advanced skiers in 3 areas: Sitniakovo Ц Martinovi Barracks Ц 8 ski runs: Yastrebets Ц 3 ski runs; Markoudjik Ц 4 ski runs. The lift network has a capacity of More than 8,500 persons per hour, ski runs for long running in the area of Varnika and Shiroka Poliana, ski schools with qualified ski instructors, ski wardrobes with modern equipment for rent.
     In the summer Borovets offers excellent sports opportunities: tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Iskar Dam located at 25 kilometers from Borovets lets all kind of weter sports be practiced, including sport fishing.
     Borovets is located at 70 kilometers from Sofia Airport, at 100 kilometers from Plovdiv and dt 10 kilometers from Samokov.
Ski runs map
     From the begining of season 2002/2003 in the resort is available ski runs at nigth time.
     From 17:00 to 22:00 every day there are ligths on runs 2 and 3 at place Martinovi Baraki.
     All lift works too. Snow cannons also works.
          Х TOTAL SKI RUNS - 40 km

          Х LONGEST SKI RUN - 6 km

          Х OFF-PISTE SKIING - Good

          Х SLOPES EXPOSURE - North

          Х HIGHEST SKI POINT - 2560 m

          Х MAX. VERTICAL DROP - 1420 m

          Х HEIGHT OF RESORT - 1350 m

          Х DRAGS - 14, CHAIRLIFTS - 3, GONDOLAS - 1

          Х NAMES OF SKI RUNS - Yastrebetz, Markodjitzi, Sitnyakovo

          Х The ski patrol provides 24 hour emergency service.
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